At the cutting edge of innovation: Plouf 's latest advances redefine water safety

by Virgile Cachon on August 25, 2023

In the ever-changing world of water safety and fun, the Plouf brand stands out for its bold innovations.

With products that combine safety, comfort and style, Plouf pushes the boundaries to create an unparalleled aquatic experience.



What is FibreAir ?

Did you know? With 250g of FibreAir, we can float up to 130kg of body weight!

At the heart of Plouf's ongoing commitment to innovation is FibreAir, a revolutionary advance in materials technology. This lightweight, durable fiber is at the heart of every Plouf product, offering exceptional buoyancy while ensuring unrivalled comfort. FibreAir enables Plouf swimwear and accessories to be both functional and stylish, redefining the way we think about safety in the water. 


Le floating swimsuit Plouf: The Elegance of Safety

Plouf's emblematic innovation, the floating swimsuitperfectly embodies the brand's commitment to water safety. Designed with FibreAir, this revolutionary swimsuit allows swimmers to float with confidence, eliminating safety concerns. By combining optimal buoyancy with fashion-forward designs, the floating swimsuit Plouf is much more than just a beach garment - it's a real breakthrough in safe swimming. In fact, it's thanks to the anti-drowning swimsuit that Plouf has become an official partner and supplier to the FFN (Fédération Française de la Natation)!


2in1 Floating Mattress Plouf : Versatility and comfort

Pushing back the boundaries of innovation, Plouf has also created the 2in1 floating mattresswhich combines comfort and functionality. This mattress, designed with the same technology from FibreAir, offers a safe floating surface for adults and children alike. Featuring a clever design, the Plouf 2in1 floating mattress can also be converted into a floating seat, offering unique versatility for the ultimate aquatic experience.


We sum it all up!

Plouf continues to be at the forefront of innovation in water safety and fun. With advances such as the FibreAir, the floating swimsuit Plouf and the 2in1 Plouf floating mattress, the brand is redefining the way we approach swimming by combining safety, comfort and style. Whether it's floating in peace and quiet in Plouf swimwear or relaxing on the 2in1 floating mattress, Plouf reminds us that innovation is the driving force behind making the most of every moment in the water.


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