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At what age can you start learning to swim?

by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023

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 Where can we teach him to swim?

We can teach our children to swim at any time of the year. Whether it is in a pool, the sea or any other body of water, the main thing is tobe comfortable and in a favorable and pleasant environment.


When can we teach it to swim?

From the age of 5/6 years old, your child can really learn to swim with a lifeguard.


But why not before?

This sport requires the ability to synchronize body movements and breathing. It also calls for the memorization of the gestures to be carried out

This does not allow a child under 6 years old to be completely comfortable in this activity. 

Before this age, your child does not have the psychomotor skills to.

Indeed, remembering the movements to do at the right time is not easy before 5 years old. He often lacks concentration, and coordination in his movements is not natural.

Therefore, it is advisable tolearn with a state-certified lifeguard at the appropriate time.

Indeed, this person will be able to take the necessary distance to approach the lessons with your child in a serene way. And vice versa, the child will have less freedom to refuse certain exercises. A professional will be able to teach him the technical swims, accompanied by the right movements. And above all, your child will reach a certain safety in the water that parents have been waiting for since they were very young.

Teaching your child to do the breaststroke is one thing, but the crawl, backstroke or butterfly is another. He will be able to advise the child from start to finish. With this professional, your child will be able to swim like a fish in water and you will no longer be afraid to take him/her into the water.

 But then, what to do before 5 years?

Your child's age-related lack of synchronization should not be a barrier to enjoyment of the water.

Whether your child is 36 months or 6 years old, there is no age limit for being able to move around in the water without necessarily knowing how to swim.

Indeed, with Plouf and its floating bathing suits for boys or girlyou will be able to teach your child the basics while knowing he is safe. For example: the big dog swim, breaststroke, crawl, wakeboard and jumping of course (the pleasure of all children).

It is a 1-piece swimsuit forr girlsor combi shorts for boys. It is put on by the feet, zipped up, and there you go! 

PloufThis is a two-in-one product: it can be put on and zipped off! No more accidents with deflated armbands. Your little one won't be able to take it off by himself, it's a secure swimsuit. And it's a swimsuit to wear all day long.

Plouf allows the child to have a freedom of movement as if he had only a traditional bathing suit. No risk of tipping over, the floating swimsuit positions the child' s body horizontally. He only has to flap his feet and arms to move.

Yes, you understand, it will approach the beginnings of swimming movements in a fun and safe way!


 How does it work?

Plouf offers you a collection of swimsuits for girls and boys according to their weight (from 13 kg to 24 kg). Thanks to this, your child will be able tolearn technical swims faster from a young age, and will use it as a safety support from 5 years old.

Let's not forget that the comfort achieved in the water will allow him later on to do all the sports that consist in being on or in the water. For example:rowing, sailing, swimming, water polo or synchronized swimming!

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