Appreciating water is an art

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

Children and early swimming: Safe swimming advice


In the water, yes, but gently...

Your child is wearing his or her own swimming aid vest, your best ally! Let's find out why?

First of all, I don't need to inflate it. That's right! No more chore with the Plouf floating vest for kids. No more running out of breath!

Or the horror of realizing, once installed, that our buoy is punctured!

Secondly, because the Plouf floating swimsuit can be put on for the day: I just zip it up and that's it!

And finally, once in the water, it will enable our child to start learning to swim... Yes, it's a swimsuit for learning to swim!

The steps of the Plouf method

I suggest walking with my child in waist-deep water and he discovers the sensation of being supported in the water.

Then, he will try to take his feet off the ground (I hold both hands, facing him) and he will be able to discover the balance that his body has in the water with Plouf.

Let's go for a 100% safe and 100% peaceful summer !

And then I discovered the Plouf safety swimsuit method ! method on video!

Our tips for a safe summer

Follow these tips for apeaceful summer:

- As soon as we arrive around the water, we make sure to put on our Plouf® swimming aid..

- We check the temperature of the water before letting our little one into the water.

- Let's also make sure he is in good health. A tired child is more likely to suffer from thermal shock (shaking, chills, fever, etc.).

- Of course we will avoid the hottest hours.

- Once his neck, his little arms and legs are wet, we can quietly enter the water.

That's it! Here we are, we are in the water! 

Of course, there's always one adult to supervise the swim and stay close by.

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What about you? What are your tips for getting your child to enjoy water? Share your tips with us in the comments below 

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