Approved by the FFN (French Swimming Federation) and the French Swimming Academy, discover the swimsuit that guarantees safety in the water for children!

by Virgile Cachon on February 27, 2023

Let's ensure safety in the water for children, and offer peace of mind to parents!

What is Plouf's floating swimsuit?

Created following the discovery of FibreAir©, the floating swimsuit for children is the very first innovation from Plouf.

The principle is simple yet highly effective. The swimsuit floats the child horizontally thanks to the FibreAir© inserted in the form of layers. As a result, your child is naturally positioned for swimming, and his or her movements are not restricted, allowing him or her to discover the water in complete safety!

This assisted positioninghelps children who find it difficult to position themselves correctly in the water.


Why choose the Plouf swimsuit?

Unlike armbands and other inflatable swimming accessories, the Plouf floating swimsuit Plouf owes its exceptional buoyancy to the FibreAir© that makes up its floating part. No need to inflate it, and no stress about puncturing it!

The shape of the swimsuit is also important. It has been designed to be easy to wear and to avoid restricting the child's movements. It's not bulky like a floatation suit or foam swimming jacket. It allows the child to float more easily and comfortably in the water, promoting aquatic developmentwithout discomfort.

You get the idea 😉 Find out all the details in our detailed article on the advantages of the Plouf swimsuit swimsuit compared with other flotation accessories!


To avoid drowning, a standardized and recognized safety device!

In 2021, nearly 1,500 drownings were recorded between June 1 and September 30 in France. Unfortunately, sometimes prevention isn't enough and panic takes over.

💦But did you know?💦

Plouf was founded specifically to prevent drowning among young beginners!

Plouf floating swimsuit isNF EN 13138-1 standard. It is even at the origin of this European standard concerning buoyancy and learning to swim!

It was in 2001 that this European standard was officially established thanks to FibreAir©, now inserted in every floating swimsuit and Plouf floating mattress.

floating swimsuit is therefore recognized and in order according to European standards.


Approved and used by the FFN and the swimming academy!

The floating swimsuit Plouf is officially recognized and used by the FFN. It is used in the context of aquatic awareness and anti-drowning prevention for the very young and their parents.

This confidence in Plouf on the part of the FFN and theswimming academy has given rise to a partnership. This partnership enables the FFN to offer Plouf floating swimsuits to their youngest pupils.

Gone are the days of bulky inflatable armbands and irritating float jackets for our little ones. Make way for fun and autonomy!

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