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Tips - How to choose your swimsuit size

by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023

Why and how to choose the right size of swimming vest Plouf ?

 The FibreAir revolution in your floating safety swimwear Plouf !

Choosing a swimsuit Plouf according to your child's weight :

Size guide* (in French only)

Size 2 : 28.7 to 33 lb

Size 3 : 33 to 37.5 lb

Size 4 : 37,5 to 41,9 lb

Size 5 : 41,9 to 46,3 lb

Size 6 : 46,3 to 53 lb


But how does it work? 

Guaranteeing that the child can position himself horizontally, head above water and be free to move was the challenge of Plouf !

As we know, the child's head is much heavier than the rest of the body.

To obtain a perfect buoyancy, it will be necessary to superimpose several layers of FibreAir® according to the weight of the child.

The research of the Plouf team has allowed us to develop specific cuts according to theage of the children and their size. This is done in order to distribute the FibreAir® in a different way and thus maximize buoyancy by taking into account the evolution of the position of the center of gravity according to the size and the weight of the body.

This safe floating swimsuit is undoubtedly a decisive advance over existing products: armbands, buoys, inflatable vests, swimsuits with floats.

None of these products to date have combined comfort and safety to such an extent.

In fact, even if you cut the shirt, tests prove that its buoyancy is not altered in any way.

You can also watch a video on how to use the floating safety swimsuit Plouf

Discover THE FLOATING MODELS PLOUFand 🎁 Take advantage of the discount code MONPANIER5.

*To beused only under the supervision of a competent adult. Not suitable for children under 30 months.

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See below, in pictures, the steps to choose the size of the swimsuit Plouf :

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