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Summer 2022 drowning toll: over one million victims per year

by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023


The overall picture is one of increased firefighting and marine response during this 2022 year.

Indeed, the hot weather has pushed to cool down and swimming have significantly increased this year. As we have seen, four important heat waves have been recorded in Europe, and especially in France this year. And according to meteorologists this phenomenon will intensify in the future.


Unfortunately children are thefirst to be affected by drowning drowning incidentsand in many cases, these incidents result in fatalities. The explanation for this increase may be due to containment and health restrictions that prevented swimming opportunities in 2021. But this increase is also relative to safety lapses around watering holes.


Regardless of location, supervision of children around water must be taken seriously. Have them wear the bathing suit to children is a very good reflex. This recognized innovation since the years 2000 guarantees thefloating of the children while allowing them to continue to play, and evolve in the aquatic awakening phase. After a phase of learning how to use the swimsuitAfter learning how to use the swimsuit, the child can swim in complete safety, always under adult supervision. Moreover, it is an anti-drowning device that thechild can not remove without the help of parents.


Hydrocution has also been reported as one of the main risks during swimming. It is a thermal shock uponentry into the water which can cause up to discomfort. That is why it is recommended to children as well as to adults to enter the water gently at the beginning of the swim.


With respect to dry drownings they represent a part of the incidents recorded during the year. It is a respiratory insufficiency caused bywater in the lungs following the absorption of water by oral or nasal way. This phenomenon is much more difficult to detect since it often occurs after swimming and can generate an infection if not treated in time. When in doubt, do not hesitate to go to the emergency room.


There are many incidents that can lead to drowning and it is important to be able to recognize them to avoid them. Reflexes that are sometimes harmless can save lives. For example, long hair should always be tied up when swimming, if only for the heat, the comfort, but also for safety. Just this summer, a death was mourned after a little girl was trapped, her hair sucked through a pool bung. Rescuers were unable to save her.


Remember - All water sources, no matter how large or small, can be a hazard - Vigilance is essential.

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