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How and why protect your child from the sun?

by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023

Find the practical advice of Plouf !

 We have all made beautiful memories under the sun and it is normal given the beautiful list of benefits:

This light has antidepressant effects. For children it meansenergy, dynamism and well-being. It is good for the morale. 
The sun stimulates the natural secretion of endorphins. They allow the relaxation of our body. Also, exposure to the sun contributes to the synthesis of vitamin D, which is essential for our body and the quality of our sleep cycles.

Vitamin D is essential for everyone, but especially for young children because it promotes the proper development of bone structure.
The sun feels good, but you have to be careful and enjoy the benefits while protecting yourself. Over the years, our skin generates a natural protection to the sun's rays. The skin becomes thicker as its pigment system matures.

Apart from this photoprotectionit always remains indispensable from do not exaggerate the exposure. In fact, adults are more protected than children in advance. toddlers. Studies show that sunburns at the children favor cancer in adulthood. Moreover, without protection, the aging of the skin accelerates. The UV rays can cause burnss, the solar erythema (or sunburns), heat stroke, burns, and photodermatosesa dehydration and even a skin cancer. Also, certain medications increase the skin's sensitivity to UV radiation.


 Here are some tips to help you enjoy the sun safely:

Check the package insert of any medication your child is taking to see if it causes a photosensitizing reaction. If so, ask your doctor for advice. It may be best toavoid the sun 100% during treatment.
Prepare your child's body, before going to the pool make sure your child is well hydrated. Dehydration increases the risk of getting sunburned. Diet is also important, foods rich in beta-carotene such as carrots and squash help prepare their skin for the sun's rays.

Anti-UV clothing is a simple solution to protect them from the sun's rays. Have them wear an anti-UV set to avoid having to cream your dog from head to toe. Also protect his head with an anti-UV bobbob, or an anti-UV bathing cap if he loves to wade, you will reduce the risks. And you take the sun cream index 50+ with you.

Indeed, even under a cloudy sky, not being hot does not mean that we are not exposed to UV rays. In order to protect your little ones when they are exposed to the sun, use the PLOUF anti-UV swimsuit. This additional protection is essential because before the age of 3, a child should not be exposed to UV rays.

Unfortunately we all know that it is impossible to avoid our children playing in the sun, it is part of life! So as not to end up mentally and nervously affected ;) We will privilege the solar screen, a high index (SPF 50. Check the expiration date of the product and apply twenty minutes before sun exposure on the skin that is not protected by swimsuit PLOUF anti-UV. To ensure effective protection, apply enough product and make sure all exposed skin is covered. Finally, reapply sunscreen every two hours and after every swim. Even water-resistant creams lose about 50% of their effectiveness after swimming.

 Pay attention to the exhibition hours!

It is strongly recommended to do not expose your child to the sun between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.. Indeed, these are the hottest hours of the days, the UV rays (ultraviolet) of the sun are the most harmful. Limit also the length of time your toddler is exposedAs a general rule, it is recommended to don't stay on the beach or in the pool for days on end (or any other water point).

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What about you? What are your tips for a skin-friendly summer for your family?

Tell us all about it in the comments!

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