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Let's compare The Floating Swimsuit PLOUF !

by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023

Discover the advantages of floating bathing suit Plouf !

Attention: the use of floats does not exempt the presence of parents


There are different types of floats. We've heard of the seat buoy, the round buoy, the inflatable armbands or belt armbands, swim vests, buoyancy suits and so manyother buoyancy aids.

So you're wondering, what are the differences? What might be the best choice?

In this article we are going to introduce you to the floating swimsuit Ploufanalyzing its advantages and differences with other flotation devices


It floats but it's not an accessory!

We know that swimming should be a relaxing time with your little one. That's why we've eliminated all the clutter and kept only the essentials. No more inflating armbands or having to buy new ones every week because they're flat. No more worrying about your child taking them off, or worse, having them come off when he dives into the water. Thanks to Ploufthe logistically heavy trips are over! 

 Did I remember to take the seat buoy, the armbands, the fry or the round buoy before going to the beach? And don't forget the swimsuit... 

The floating swimsuit PLOUF stands on its own! It is a 2 in 1. It is a swimsuittherefore we put it on for swimming and that's it ! In addition to floating, it is light and does not interfere with movement. This does not spoil anything, is that Plouf will also allow to approach the beginnings of swimming


It floats and the child is free to move!


It is necessary to choose a flotation device which allows the child to enjoy the benefits of water safely. From accessories such as armbandss, the inflatable belt cuffs or even polystyrene swimsuits are too large, they interfere with the child's natural movements in the water, and can irritate the skin by the friction they cause.

Don't even think about starting to swim, they won't be able to make the slightest movement in that direction. Moreover, once the child gets out of the pool, he wants to take them off. Remove, put back, remove, put back... 

And this at each swim of the day. The floating swimsuit PLOUF girl or boy, protects your dog without blocking his movements. We have worked for find a balance between security and freedom of movement. Indeed, the FiberAir (which allows the child to float) is inserted inside the swimsuit. This is how Plouf allows you to float anda comfortable approach to learning to swim.

Children come to the water in comfort!

The swimming jackets or life jackets... You know, the ones that need to be tied with a harness between the legs  Ouch! The second disadvantage is that once the child is in the water, the vest goes up and the harness pulls on the crotch, which is annoying and can hurt.

At PLOUF we have designed our swimsuits to allow children to enter the water, developing their autonomy and above all having fun. How can you enjoy the water if the accessories that help you float are in the way or hurt you? That's why the Plouf team has been working for a long time on the ergonomics of the FibreAir that makes up the inside of the swimsuit and makes it float.


Have you already tried our children's swimsuit? We'd love to hear what you think!

For each comment and photo submitted, receive a promo code and a kit Plouf as a thank you It's up to you !


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