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Danger: focus on dry drowning

by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023

What is "dry drowning"? 

According to theWorld Health Organization, drowning is an accident characterized by the lack of oxygen when we are submerged in a liquid. However, nowadays, on social networks we also hear about "dry drowning" or "delayed drowning". This is a type of drowning that happens after swimming. In this article we will explain what to do in case of dry drowning.

How to avoid drowning?

If your child cannot swim, the risk is much greater. To prevent your child from drowning, it is important that you supervise your child in or near water at all times (at the beach, in the pool or in a bathtub). Drowning can happen in as little as 30 seconds in 10 centimeters of water. If your child puts his or her head in the water, he or she may not be able to get it up, so you need to be there for your child.

Your child must be equipped witha floatation suit that will allow your child to be in a horizontal position at all times. This is why Plouf is here for you! Teach your child to swim. Simple swims such as the dog swim, the breaststroke... Also favor supervised places when you are at the pool or the sea because theintervention of the rescue teams is much faster.

It is also important to remember that your child is not always in good shape, so it is important to listen to him/her and decide ifhe/she will go swimming or not.

What are the symptoms of dry drowning? 

There are no typical symptoms of dry drowning. However, there are warning signs of drowning:

- Fatigue.
- A strong cough.
- Difficulty breathing.
- Lips turning blue.
- Vomiting.
- Pale skin.

If you notice your child is different after drinking the cup, call 911 directly. We remind you: 15, 18 or 112. 

What should you do when you witness a drowning? 

If you see someone drowning, immediately call the lifeguards if you are in a supervised area, otherwise, call the emergency services directly.

First aid measures when the person is out of the water:

- Warm the person up immediately.
- If he/she is unconscious, place him/her in the side position.
- If he/she is not breathing, perform cardiac massage.
- If the person is a baby, perform cardiac massage using both thumbs and the other fingers behind the baby's body. However, if you can't get your fingers around the baby's body, use your palm to do it. 


Let's take every precaution to avoid drowning with the swimsuits PLOUF.  

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