Anti-UV goggles that appeal to children

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

Discover Anti-UV sunglasses Plouf !

During the vacations, getting children to wear sunglasses isn't always easy, yet it's necessary. 


In order to make children accept glasses, eyewear manufacturers start creating very fashionable and trendy models. The objective is above all that the pair of sunglasses pleases your children, so that they wear it to the maximum, and that they are well protected.  

The fact that the sunglasses like your loulou, is a paramount criterion! He must find it pretty and comfortable, to want to wear them. And in summer, if they can wear them all day, it's all won.  

It is necessary to combine fashion and safety, by associating anti-UV glasses and an original frame.  

Fortunately Plouf has met this criteria by partnering with Vision Moderneatrendy optician from Nice that combines UV protection, CE standards and style

At the cutting edge of fashion and protection, these models are a great success. Sunglasses that have style and will delight your children .

Its frame is very comfortable and resistant so that our children can enjoy it as much as they want! 

Sunglasses matched withfloating swimsuits or anti-UV suits Plouf, to encourage the wearing of them, and make the little ones want to keep their eyes protected

Remember, until the age of 12, the crystalline lens does not yet play this filtering role, and lets nearly 75% of UV rays through.



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