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Swim vest, armbands, buoyancy suit or floaty swimsuit: Which one is best?

by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023

Why choose the floating swimsuit Plouf, the revolutionary product that makes children float?

No more swimming trunks and armbands, thanks to Plouf, your child learns to swim in complete freedom!

Attention: the use of the swimsuit for children Plouf does not exempt the presence of the parents!

There are different types of floats. We have already heard about the round buoy, armbands, swimming vests and foam vests, swimsuits and so many other accessories ofbuoyancy aid.

So you ask yourself, what are the differences? What is the best choice? What is the value of these products compared to the floating swimsuit Plouf ? Let's review its benefits and its differences with other flotation devices.


It floats, but it's not an accessory!

We know that swimming should be a relaxing time with your child. That's why we've taken away the clutter and kept only the essentials. No more inflating armbands or having to buy new ones every week because they're flat. No more worrying about your child taking them off, or worse, having them come off when they get into the water. Thanks to Plouf, parents' stress and children's reduced mobility are over!

Did I remember to take the buoy, the armbands and the foam fry before leaving for the beach? And don't forget the swimsuit...

The floaty bathing suit Plouf is enough for itself! It's a floating vest for kids, so you put it on for swimming and that's it! In addition to floating, it is light and does not interfere with movement. The cherry on the swimsuit is that Plouf will also allow you to learn how to swim !

Indeed, Plouf is an official supplier of the National Swimming Federation (FFN), and partner of the Swimming Academy. The floating swimsuit is officially recognized as an anti-drowning safety device.

Thus, Plouf allows you to enjoy the water in complete safety, before you can really swim independently. It has the particularity of having the least amount of material possible, which allows the child to evolve easily in the water.
When you are a parent, it is a real safety for children in the water. 

It floats and the child is free to move!

You need to choose a flotation device that allows your child to enjoy the benefits of the water safely and comfortably. Accessories such as armbands or even foam floatation suits are too bulky, they interfere with the child's natural movements in the water, and can irritate the skin by the friction they cause. Not to mention the plug effect of the swimsuits which, during a dive, could be traumatic. In short, a child who is embarrassed in the water will not feel comfortable, he must be reassured and have confidence to be able to approach the first steps of swimming without panicking and with complete freedom of movement. Moreover, once the child gets out of the pool, he will surely want to remove what is bothering him... This often leads to removing, putting back, removing, putting back, removing, putting back...

And this at each of the day's swims. Don't worry, the floating swimsuit Plouf girl or boyprotects your baby without blocking his movements. It is comfortable thanks to its FibreAir® technology integrated inside the swimsuit. The FibreAir technology is ergonomic, so it follows your little one's movements all day long ? We have worked to find a balance between safety and freedom of movement, it is a French know-how!

Why does it float so well?

It is because Plouf is the worldwide patent holder of the FibreAir® that all the swimsuits provide optimal buoyancy with the least amount of material possible!

Indeed the FibreAir® (which allows the child to float) is inserted inside the swimsuit. That's how Plouf makes it possible to float and to approach the first steps of swimming comfortably. With 250g of FibreAir®, it is possible to float 130Kg! That's the secure buoyancy of Plouf. Even when torn, it will continue to float you. The Plouf swimsuits are durable because they are puncture-proof.

Children come into the water in comfort!

Swim vests or life jackets... You know, the ones you have to fasten with a harness between your legs

Ouille ! The second disadvantage is that once the child is in the water, the vest comes up over the head and the harness pulls on the crotch, which is annoying and can irritate or even hurt.

At PLOUF we have designed our swimsuits to allow children to enter the water, developing their autonomy and above all having fun. How can you enjoy the water if the accessories that help you float get in the way or hurt? That's why the Plouf team has been working for a long time on the ergonomics of the FibreAir® that makes up the inside of the swimsuit and makes it float.

The verdict? It is without appeal!

With a buoyancy that places the child horizontally, a freedom of movement never equaled for a flotation accessory, and a certification by the FFN and the European safety standard of flotation aid for learning to swim, the floating swimsuit Plouf is THE floating swimsuit for children of the summer 2023! No more stress, no more chafing, no more pain, no more deflated armbands and broken buoys! You're in the water to enjoy, parents and kids alike. So what are you waiting for? Get in the water!


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