Throw away your floating mattress, pool hammock and beach towel, this revolutionary product does it all at once!

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

Discover the floating mattress Plouf ! The pool mattress that doubles as a foam fryer, pool mat and beach towel!

It's the classic scenario of a vacation that starts off too well. Walking to the water with your arms full of beach accessories of all kinds. Between the air mattress to float on, the beach towels, and the pool hammocks badly folded, it's very cumbersome to actually enjoy the sun without hassle

Discover the Plouf floating mattress! It's indestructible, easy to transport and simple to use. Nothing to do, just enjoy. Unfold it and let yourself be carried away...

It doubles as a beach mattressIt can be used on sand or pebbles (how can you ignore pebbles when you're from Nice). Use it as you would any other pool accessory. Stretch out on the water like on an individual pool mat. Or sit in a floating armchair. Roll it up and turn your floating mattress into a pool fry. Still similar to a foam fry, use it as a float. Lie on your stomach and let yourself go - that's whata floating mattress is all about. Plouf !

Once out of the water, the mattress dries very quickly and folds very easily.

Do not put the floating mattress Plouf in the washing machine 

 Keep your mattress clean and beautiful for as long as possible, using onlyclean water.

And since we're super nice at Nice , we've summarized it all for you below!

Use our mattress on the page or on the pebbles, lying on the water, sitting in the waves, as a cushion under the neck, or folded up like a float. 

Fold the mattress in three in the length, attach the velcro, then in three in the width and attach the velcro. And there you go, the mattress is folded!



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