Aquaphobia or how to love water?

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

How to stop being afraid to swim?

I can't swim and no, I don't want to go in the water! Because I am afraid of water...

Why this fear?

The fear of water is psychological in nature, and therefore unreasonable. It can affect everyone, young and old at any age. There is the fear of the element itself, water, but also the fear of the depths. Some people cannot stand immersion, or simply splashing. This anxiety is triggered by the approach of the element itself, and will trigger tachycardia, malaise, cold sweats...

The reason for being afraid of water is specific to each person, it depends on our history, our past experience: an accident that took place in the water, a situation of our childhood badly lived in aquatic environment. Consequently, the fear felt at that moment, accompanied by a feeling of powerlessness will mark the individual very deeply.

But whatever the case, we can, to varying degrees, solve this problem with a professional. Because yes, we do want to be able to swim in a water environment with peace of mind one day.

Little by little

 Let's start by smoothness. In companion the child or person. It is important toEstablish a relationship of trust with her.

This will help him to move forward step by step with you. Above all, do not force, do not rush and be patient.

  We detail together our environment, we observe it. Oh look at that little girl having fun over there! And that little boy jumping! They are so funny!

We take our time, we walk by the water. We associate water with a positive experience.

  The game will help us become familiar with water. At the seaside, we send kicks to the waves ! No but ! I won !

At the pool we have all our toys at our disposal. It's great! My boat floats and my whale spits water!  

We learn to appreciate water! And this point is essential even for adults. 

The fear of water has surely an explanation, but the first one is that we do not know this environment, we do not master it. At least that's what we think... 

  You get used to water gradually. A little water on the face, we splash, a little water on the head oops! 

Go into the water without fear. We reassure, we encourage, and we propose to discover what there is under water .... You can wear a mask (to avoid that the water enters by the nostrils).

Putting your head under water is the last step, and not the least.
But when we get there, all that's left to do is enjoy the pleasures of the water .... with Plouf.


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