The 4 phases - aquatic awakening with the method Plouf

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023


Accompany my child in his aquatic awakening thanks to Plouf

With Plouf I help my dog to discover the pleasures of water and more ...

Plouf floating swimsuits are an Official Supplier of the French Swimming Federation and a partner of the French Swimming Academy. We also take part in the "J'apprends à nager" program run by the French Ministry of Sports and the Olympic Games.

Following our article "Appreciating water is an art", many of you have asked usmany of you have asked us to learn more about our method Plouf. We thank you for this.

Here are the "technical" steps, once in the water, that a child wearing the floating swimsuit Plouf pour Fille or Boy will discover.

 Phase 1 : First of all we followed the water entry stage.
Small reminder: This step must be done gradually, to become familiar with water.

 Phase 2 : Afterwards, you will encourage your child to move around in the water.
The floating balls, the floating toys, to catch are playful approaches frequently used. You can also ask him to join you a little further in your arms.  

 Phase 3 : Once he will evolve in autonomy in the waterhe will feelinsurance.
It will be ready to try in the small poolwhere it has feet, from retrieve small objects from his feet. You will have understood it immersehis head to the playground for the catch. Here he will learn with your help à hold your breath for a very short time

 Phase 4 : The letting go. it has acclimatized to the aquatic environment.
It is moves independently. It immerses his head and holds his breath for a short time. It can try jumping in the water.



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