The 5 benefits of seawater

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

Rediscover the benefits of seawater with Plouf and its anti-UV clothing

Seawater, natural benefits

 Fill up on energy

Sinceancient times, seawater has provided many benefits to the human body. It is a real source of mineral salts (phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulfur...) but also oftrace elements (iron, zinc, iodine, copper...). Moreover, it has the power to boost the tonus, to have a more beautiful skin, to decrease the stress but also to relieve the pains. You only need to swim for 12 to 15 minutes (per day) to benefit from its advantages. Seawater associated with the sun allows you to fill up on vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for immunity, morale and bone mineralization, among other things. However, it is important to choose the hours when you go in the water to avoid the time when the sun's rays are strongest. The anti-UV clothing of the brand Plouf protects the skin of children from 6 months to 4 years. But the UV protection swimwear Plouf does not allow exposure to the hottest hours, which are not recommended, especially for young children. The trick is toaccentuate the benefits by practicing a sport or playing in the water.

Seawater is good for your muscles

Seawater not only energizes the body, it also soothes and heals muscles. After a sports session, it may be advisable to swim in the sea. It's one of the best ways to recuperate and helps to reduce muscle soreness. As mentioned above, you can also take part in physical activities in the water, such as volleyball, scuba diving or paddle boarding. It's like a free, open-air gym.
Seniors also find it interesting! Every summer - and even in winter, weather permitting - they're happy to take a dip. For example, at Nice all year round, you can see happy retired people on the beach, swimming in the water. It's a youthful cure that keeps them in shape and reduces the discomfort of rheumatism.

A beautiful skin thanks to sea water

A real natural exfoliant, due to the salt contained in its water. Therefore, it allows your skin to regenerate. It also dries out pimples and promotes healing. After a treatment at the beach, your skin will be toned with much less impurities, if any at all. Good to know: Some countries, such as Israel, offer world-renowned thalassotherapy centers. Indeed, the benefits of the concentration of salt in this place, can treat or soothe a large number of skin diseases. The water is loaded with minerals and therefore it soothes and purifies.

Better breathing thanks to seawater

The one benefit of water on the human body that you will never think of is to drink the cup. And yes, it allows you toabsorb a large quantity of mineral saltsthrough your nose or mouth. That's why nowadays, you can find a lot of seawater-based medicines in pharmacies (ampoule, nasal spray ...). Like a real natural physiological serum, it also allows you to breathe better! Through the nose of course. Try it ! A simple example, go to the beach, sit down or put your feet in the water and take a deep breath. Your lungs will fill up with iodine and trace elements, which will be beneficial for your airways. It's also true that there are far fewer traces of pollution by the sea!

Soothing seawater

The sea water soothes the nervous tensions of children and adults. Indeed, especially for children, the sea is a sign of "release". Take your child to the beach for an afternoon and you'll see. At the beginning, he will have energy to spare, but by the end he will be exhausted and hungry. A good night's sleep is planned for him ;) Naps will be better too. This will give you a well deserved moment to read in the quiet for example.
Yes, the sea allows you to feel calm and relaxed. The sound of the waves, incessant, oscillating and repetitive, is often used in meditation to represent the coming and going of our breath. As we breathe in, the waves recede and as we breathe out, they crash onto the shore. Also, the sight of this great blue expanse brings a sense of freedom. In less than 15 minutes, the relaxation effects are visible. In addition, the sulfur-laden air soothes the body and the spirit. Try togo to the beach in summer or winter, if you feel insomniac, stressed or nervous... It is a natural anti-stress.

Sea water helps to get beautiful colors

Seawater contains salt crystals that enhance the reflection of the sun's rays. This reverberation accelerates tanning. That's why we recommend protecting our little ones' skin, and our own, from the sun's harmful rays. Better twice than once at the beach! Anti-uv bobs, anti-uv swim caps, sunglasses and Plouf anti-uv wetsuits will enable you to enjoy the pleasures of the water with your children while protecting them. Especially when you're by the sea, the sea breeze provides a comfort that quickly makes you forget the heat of the sun's rays. So don't neglect this safety point: Plouf !

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