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The benefits of swimming

by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023

Learn to swim for your child


Allow your child to become more skilled through swimming!

Children develop at different rates. However, it is possible to intervene through swimming to promote both the physical and moral progress of your little one.

Some studies have recognized that swimming favors the development of children who have practiced it from an early age. This practice allows children to improve their motor skills, their physical condition and even toassert their personality in a playful way.

In an aquatic environment, the child is in an unfamiliar environment where he or she receives psychomotor stimulation. These stimuli encourage the child to become aware of his or her body as he or she strives to gradually overcome his or her limits. In addition, the possibility of moving freely in the water allows the child to gain self-confidence while discovering and mastering the movements of his body. Normally it will take 2 to 3 weekly sessions to receive and recognize the benefits of swimming. The vests and swimsuits help little girls and boys and little boyslearn to swim safely!

  Learn to swim for... Physical Development

Swimming promotes the progressive development of the rib cage. This means that the child will improve his endurance and cardiorespiratory capacities. In addition, his muscles strengthen and develop, thanks to the effort he has to make while moving in the water.

Good muscle mass will allow for better posture on land and for toddlers, it will promote balance when walking. Swimming also limits the risk of scoliosis according to doctors.

For the little ones, who do not have the motor skills required for learning to swim, the girl's floating bathing suit or boy floating swimsuit from PLOUF Floating Swimsuit will help them increase their confidence so they can move around calmly and enjoy the benefits of the water. With the PLOUFFloating Swimsuit, children will have the confidence to move their arms freely in all directions. By flapping their feet, they can move at their own pace. What could be better than total freedom?


  Learning to swim for... Psychomotor Development

The psychomotor evolution of a child is most marked between 0 and 6 years old, so this is the stage where we must intervene to really help our children develop. From this age on, they continue to develop, but they are onlyrefining the knowledge they have already acquired.

Motor skills allow children to become independent and explore the environment with more confidence. To swim, it is necessary to coordinate movements to facilitate circulation in the water. Therefore, children are led to analyze their movements in relation to the aquatic environment.

The child's body perception improves and the fact of creating a link between thought and action will allow him to respond to difficulties that arise in his daily life. In addition, the development of motor skills is necessary for toddlers to manipulate objects. Swimming provides this benefit in a playful way, allowing them to develop. Better motor skills mean that the child has acquired a better perception of their body, which will stimulate other areas. The Plouf Floating Swimsuit is an ideal floatation suit for a safe introduction to swimming and to promote motor skills as your child becomes free to move.

Finally, psychomotricity works on both sides of the child's body: the right and the left, and helps the child identify his or her dominant side.


Learning to Swim for... Social Development

There is a link between motor and psychological development. We communicate through body movements. We express our needs and feelings through them. In this respect, swimming also allows children to develop their personality. By practicing swimming from a young age, he has the possibility toenrich his body conception, to measure his limits, to discover his capacities but especially tolearn to surpass himself, which favors self-confidence. Moreover, if he practices swimming in a group, it will also encourage his competitive spirit and his sociability. He will learn the dynamics of a group and how to interact with it.

Come on, let your child take the plunge...

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