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My first swim with my floatation vest

by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023

The ideal swimsuit for learning to swim!


From the age of 30 months, I discover my first movements in the water with the swimming aid vest Plouf. 

* Depending on the weight of my child (from 13 to 24 kg), I choose the size of my vest Plouf (from size II to VI).

A good thing done! Your child wears the swimming vest Plouf, and we put it on him as soon as we arrive near the water.

Comfortable, your child can move freely because nothing gets in the way.

Walk with him, get into the water. Wet gently his neck, his little arms and legs.
You have foot and hold his 2 hands, in front of him, relaxed, that reassures him ;)

1st printingHis body is "supported" in the water.
 2nd feelingWhen you ask him to lift his feet off the ground: Wow! Incredible! He discovers his balance in the water thanks to his swimming aid for boys or Girl.
 Plouf positions the child's body horizontally in order to have only the arm and the legs to move.
 We encourage him to flap his legs and move his arms, while reassuring him of our presence at his side
 And the magic Plouf happens! Your child discovers that he can float, move freely, and be autonomous in the water.
 As you can see, this is how your child approaches the first steps in swimming, also called "awakening to swimming"..

It will naturally use the small dog stroke to move. This is the first type of stroke used by beginners


Make way for the freedom to explore!

Plouf is ideal for learning to swim. Children are reassured and gain confidence. It is used at the sea as at the pool (or any other water point).

Now it's your turn!

Your child is Reluctant to get in the water? Discover without further delay all our advice to make him appreciate water and be more comfortable ! 

Check out the products Plouf and take advantage of the discount code 🎁 MONPANIER5!

1 comment
by Camille on May 12, 2023

Bought last summer for a 4 year old boy, he was able to enjoy the pool with the whole family (9 adults) during our vacations and was no longer afraid to jump into the water after a few days. Very well designed product that allows total freedom of movement, ideal for learning to swim and to enjoy the big baths all together, I highly recommend it!

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