Operating instructions for the Plouf's swimsuit

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023
Instructions for use of the Plouf floatation jackets

The use of Plouf in a Flash!

Plouf floating swimsuits contain 97% air thanks to our revolutionary technology: FibreAir® ! They provide optimum buoyancy, so you can leave your child close to water in complete safety. The swimsuit is not a life jacket, but a buoyancy aid for learning to swim. Generally speaking, children can't move with their buoyancy aids. With Plouf, however, they can play freely in the water! Children's safety is our priority, and EN 13138-1:2014 guarantees it.


Our mission: 

  • Safety: to reassure you when your child is at the edge of the pool, or any other water point. 
  • Educational: allow children to play, learn and keep their carefree spirit safe. 
  • Practicality: nothing to inflate, you put it on, zip it up and go!

    By scanning this QR code, you will discover the video explaining the first use of the floating swimsuit Children's Plouf or "integrated buoy swimsuit" as some people like to call it.


    Step one: Support and reassure him! Remember that at the first use your child doesn't know he's floating thanks to his swimsuit. 

    Step 2: Breathe calmly! The air in his lungs will bring buoyancy complementary to the FibreAir swimsuit. Take both hands, he is facing you, and show him how to breathe. Air-filled lungs promote optimal flotation. 

    Step three: Bearding! As soon as your child feels comfortable and starts to float, it is important to teach them to flap their legs without letting go of them IN the water. 

    It should be noted that it is also thanks to this motricity that the child will be able to advance and navigate correctly in the water. The stimulation of his motor skills will lead him to learning to swim faster. 

    Step four: Stabilize! Ensure stability in the water. While continuing to kick in the water. 

    Fifth step: No hands! To do this, it is good to let go of one hand after the other WHEN THE CHILD FEELS COMFORTABLE! Explain to him that with his hands he will be able to steer and be stable.

    Tips if you can't let go of the second hand: 

    Hold it by the back of the swimsuit. As soon as the swimsuit does its job, and the magic happens, you can gently release it and let it move around on its own


    Never leave your child alone


    Small reminder to scan: 

    1. Go to the "Camera" application of your phone or via an option in your camera or a dedicated application
    2. Aim at the QR Code
    3. Click on the link that appears automatically!

    Scan and have a wonderful summer!


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