Recognizing and preventing dehydration in children

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

Beach, pool, attention to your child's hydration!

Discover our tips for protecting your child in summer


 What is dehydration?

Water is the first component of our body. It is fundamental for the proper functioning of our body. Certain factors such as physical activity, a metabolism that leads to perspiration, exposure to high temperatures or, exceptionally, diarrhea or vomiting, cause and accelerate dehydration.

So, are you wondering what the signs of dehydration in children are? What should we do if our little one is dehydrated? How can we prevent dehydration?

In this article Plouf, your floating swimsuit specialist for children, boy's floating swimsuit and girls swimwear for girls shares some tips for preventing and dealing with dehydration.

Symptoms of dehydration in children

Dry mouth, thirst and headache are basic symptoms of dehydration. However, they are not the only ones, and children may not always be able to talk about or be aware of them.

You will also pay attention to her lips. Indeed, dry lips are a sign that should alert you. Also and above all, the elasticity of her skin. When you gently "pinch" it, it should snap back into place.

Of course, you will notice that your child shows a loss of strength and seems tired. Check for these signs especially after continuous episodes of diarrhea or vomiting. It is very likely that the child is dehydrated. Also, weight loss. Between 1 and 5%, for a beginning of dehydration. And more than 5% in case of severe dehydration. In this case, it is an emergency. It is advised to consult urgently.

What to do if the child is dehydrated?

- Compensate for water loss with oral rehydration solutions. They remineralize the body. Their taste can be exceptionally improved with a syrup. They are available in pharmacies and the quantity is determined by the child's weight. The solution must be taken several times an hour and in little sips

- By monitoring your child's weight and skin elasticity, you will be able to determine if dehydration is worsening, which can develop very quickly in children.
- Also monitor the child's temperature and behavior. He or she should be alert. Otherwise you should go to the emergency room, or contact the attending physician.

How can dehydration be prevented?

We are dehydrated when we lose more water than we drink. So, we must encourage and accustom our children to drink throughout the day. It is very important, especially during and after having continuous episodes of diarrhea or vomiting.

During the summer, fluid intake should be much higher, to compensate for the loss of fluids due to perspiration. Automatically take something to drink with you to the beach, the pool and everywhere else and avoid long exposure to the sun.

Also encourage your children to eat foods that contain a lot of water, such as pineapple, watermelon, melon or oranges.

Pay special attention to protecting your children's heads.

The Plouf bob with lanyard will allow your child to play without worrying abouthaving to put it back on his head again and again throughout the day. Don't neglect the exposure of their little heads once in the water.

That's why Plouf swim caps are anti-uv. They allow to prolong the protection of their head against the bad ray of the sun and their heat.

Tips to prevent dehydration in children during the summer!

To improve the taste of the water and to avoid that our children drink syrups too sweet. Put some fruit in a jug of water, such as pieces of strawberry, blueberry, lemon, tangerine or simply your child's favorite fruit.

Let the carafe to cool in the fridge for 1 hour before consuming it. Also, offering homemade popsicles. The day before your swimming trip, pplace a bottle of flavored water in the freezer. And enjoy the freshness throughout the day !

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