TOP 5 Instagram filters at the water's edge for summer 2023

by Virgile Cachon on March 13, 2023

This year again, we won't miss a single opportunity to take selfies!


With friends, family or even alone on the sand, striking a pose and smiling will be just as trendy as in previous years in 2023!

The seaside and the swimming pool are among the most popular places to take a selfie, and that's good because at Ploufsummer in the water is something we know! 💦

Tired of being serious all the time? You want to have fun with your friends or kids and share those moments on Insta?

So follow the guide, and welcome to our TOP 5 Insta filters of summer 2023! ☀️

5 - summerCAM from ☀️

A retro filter that adds grain and a light yellow filter to your photo for a chill, vintage and warm atmosphere. Ideal for softening the sun and colors of your photo while giving it a unique soul!

4 - Ambiance Plouf from ploufsafetyconcept 🌴

A filter that we offer for the first time this year! Ambiance plouf allows you to dive into our fun and colorful universe for this summer! Join your favorite Nice brand and pose with our products! Don't forget to mention us @ploufsafetyconcept when you post a story with this filter so we can repost you in our story! Find our Instagram page and filters here.

3 - Summer by Diego_aleejandro ⛱️

The perfect filter if you take pictures every day or if you organize your albums! This filter brings warmth and light saturation to the image, also displays the day of the week in a Cool Summer style. The perfect way to keep your own little calendar of photo memories in your album or stories.

2 - Flamingo Style Plouf by ploufsafetyconcept 🦩

We're at it again with this summer's favorite Plouf filter! Be a class act in any situation with Flamingo Style 😎 Always stylish at the water's edge, the pink flamingo is our favorite animal, and we absolutely want you to enjoy it! Get out your floating mattress and equip your child with his floating swimsuitand let's get shooting! Don't forget to mention @ploufsafetyconcept when you post a story with this filter, so we can repost you in our story! Find our Instagram page and filters here.

1 - Summer Bloom from Instagram 🌼

Our favorite Insta filter for enjoying the sun by the water. Summer Bloom makes your photo warmer and adds sunbeam effects to give a heavenly dimension and make it easier to stage when taking pictures of places. We're fans and that's why it is, for us, the best Instagram filter for your waterfront photos this summer!


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It's your turn! Tell us what you think in the comments!


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