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How to put on my floaty swimsuit Plouf

by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023

The team's DIY Plouf 

Floating swimsuit for boys and girls

At the pool or at the beach?! It's easy to put on your swimsuit Plouf !


Discover in the video above how to easily put on the swimming vest Plouf
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Discover step by step how to put on your floating swimsuit Plouf !

Step 1: I put both legs on
Step 2: I put both arms back and put them on
Step 3: I pull up the zip

Finally a 100% safe floating swimsuit for kids! Why is it so safe?

Because your child cannot easily remove his or her floatation suit as opposed to armbands or other floatation devices !

Indeed, floating equipment such as armbands and buoys can can be removed very easily by your childwhich increases the risk of drowning.

With the swimsuit float Plouf for girls or boyyou ensure maximum security to your child who can learn to swim in complete serenity and to be free to move.

In following these stepsyou now know how to put on the swimsuit Plouf ! It is easyand children cannot remove their bathing suits Plouf by themselves 

A safety tip that will appeal to many of us! You will not meet no risk at the time of the dives, that an armband is removedor worse than the buoy turns over

Once put, the floating vest Plouf does not move and the child floats safely throughout the swim

A Plouf tip hides another one... Do you know our tips to make your life and logistics easier at the beach or pool ? Discover them quickly here !

Plouf we throw ourselves into the water!

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