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DIY - Identifying your emotions

by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023

Expressing yourself helps you to develop fully

Emotional development allows children to understand and express their emotions

They hear, on the radio, on TV, at the table, in an adult discussion...

"Coronavirus", "Covid 19", and all other names. The lexical field in this period is quite large, and can sometimes confuse them ....

Beyond the dialogue, between you and your child, it will be a question of bringing out what he knows about it, his misconceptions as well as his questions.
To then refine his knowledge.

Where is it? (In people's bodies, in the water from their nose, or from their mouth)
How do you get it (through saliva when you cough, through your nose when you don't wash your hands)
Why can't we see it? (because it is very small, only a super machine can see it)
Why do we need to wash our hands? (soap kills it, but to make sure we remove it, we end up wiping our hands with paper)

Let's help our children to put their finger on their emotions, their moods, in this very strange period for their age.

As a mother, I have noticed that this little game is also interesting to practice when we feel our child is disturbed. Helping him to understand himself will allow him to better manage his emotions and also to better understand the other.  

Workshops in kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade often revolve around this type of exercise.
Indeed, a child who knows himself will be able to evolve better because he will understand himself better. 
And what they also like is to see their parent share time with them to try to understand them 

Little game of the day ...

- Print the 6 men Plouf and the 2 plates of vignettes.
- Cut out the 6 men Plouf and the stickers
- Identify with your child his/her mood: in love, angry, happy, scared (fearful), serene and sad
- Let your child identify which mood the picture of Plouf corresponds to.

- Then ask them to identify with one or more of them at a time

This game helps your child to identify his emotions, what he feels, which will help him to express himself better.




What questions does your child have about the pandemic? Is your child upset and can't put into words why? Share with our community in comments your experience!!!

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