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by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023

To better learn to swim with the swimsuit Plouf !

Actu.frour regional weekly press has honored us with the opportunity to highlight our starthe floating swimsuit for children Plouf !

 The French have a lot about Plouf this summer, but beyond having heard it theyhave tested and approved by sharing their experiences and opinions with their families and friends.

The little-known of the FiberAir was born from a mistake in an Italian factory, and it is thanks to Alain Belkadi that we can today Floating children from 30 months of age.

Inserted in the form of diapers according to the child's weight the revolution of the swimsuit with integrated buoyas many call it, was born in the 2000s.

Freedom of movement, flotation, practicality and comfort ; this 2 in 1 : jersey AND floating created a revolution in French swimming pools and beaches.

"The era of armbands is abolished when it comes to learning to swim! Make way for Plouf !"

Thanks to a team of young students from Nice with new ideas, the brand has been developed to meet the needs of propelled on the web.

French know-how for 41 years of the owner of the brand has been able to bring the aesthetic side in addition to theinnovation to this floating swimming vest.

 The development of local collaborations in Nice such as the'hotel Nice Riviera, Modern vision and so many other French speakers are proof that the adage " strength in numbers "still exists
Thank you Marylene Iapichino
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