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BFM Business talks about Plouf

by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023


Ploufsome amazing children's swimsuits


This Wednesday, October 5, Sandy Niddam, the director of the brand Plouf, answered questions from Alexandre Lichan.

She explains that Plouf manufactures floating swimsuits for children that combine safety and aestheticism. The brand, originating from Nice, has existed since 2000 and creates collections renewed each year with the aim ofimproving comfort during swimming.

This floating swimsuit is a real anti-drowning device. It is certified according to the European safety standard 13-138-1 which defines the buoyancy aids for learning to swim. Plouf has become this year official supplier of the French Swimming Federation.

The secret of these jerseys lies in theparticular fiber which constitutes them. Indeed, the FiberAir is a world innovation. It is a synthetic fiber that contains 97% air microbubbles, which gives it incredible which gives itincredible flotation properties . Holder of the worldwide patents of this technology,

Plouf innovates by creating the new generation of flotation accessories


Thanks to the rise of digital, Plouf has been able to establish itself on social networks and get to know the families who use this shirt. This proximity is very enriching because it allows Plouf tolisten to users andlearn from their experiences.

It is this feedback that led the team to launch this year a new innovative product, the floating mattress. Composed ofa single layer of FibreAir, it allows you to lie comfortably anywhere and even on the pebbles, but it can also make children as well as adults float! No need to inflate it, it is puncture-proof, foldable, light and so comfortable. Ideal for the whole family, just unfold it to enjoy it.

The growing success of the brand Plouf allows it to continue its development. The team is always looking for new talents who dream big, a real opportunity for those who wish to take up the challenge.

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