What women think: Le magazine des mamans modernes recommends Plouf !

by Virgile Cachon on September 21, 2023

In its June-July 2023 issue, Ce que pensent les femmes magazine advises floating swimsuit Plouf !


The magazine for modern moms recommends the Plouf! swimsuit. 

What women think is:

  • Solide Reputation: This magazine is a recognized and respected reference among today's moms.

  • Core values : Authenticity, benevolence and relevance are the pillars of this magazine, which advocates wise guidance.

  • Connected to Maternal Needs: What Women Think captures the concerns of moms, offering a deep understanding of their reality.

  • Diversified expertise: This magazine covers a multitude of topics with a wealth of expertise, offering a holistic view of maternal life.

  • Inspiring Guide : A supportive partner for balancing family responsibilities and personal fulfillment.

Plouf ! An innovative approach

ThrPlouf world puts innovation to the fore! Buoyancy suits, floating mattresses and anti-UV sets offer a safe and entertaining aquatic experience.

Comfort and safety With Plouf !

Plouf! products are meticulously designed to combine comfort and safety. They guarantee serene moments in the water for families. Plouf floating swimsuits enable children toenjoy the water, while having fun in safety.

Style, Trend Plouf !

Plouf buoyancy suits and accessories combine aesthetics and functionality, with modern designs suitable for the whole family. All Anti-UV T-shirt and Anti-UV Short sets are based on swimsuits, creating super-stylish outfits!

How to float your child safely?

The mission of the Plouf! swimsuit is to accompany and bring serenity. It promises unforgettable swims thanks to its unique technology, the Plouf! FibreAir It's the only swimsuit of its kind in the world. No need to inflate or worry about being punctured, the Plouf floatation suit slips on, zips off, and that's all there is to it! So parents can make the most of those precious family moments. The Plouf float suit helps children to enjoy the water, so they can learn to swim while having fun.

A review on the Plouf swimsuit?

What women think: they love the Plouf! swimsuit because it offers memorable moments near the water! You can also find hundreds ofreview from delighted parents on the testimonials !


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Explore the Plouf! swimsuit in the latest issue of What women think. An essential source for parents wishing to guarantee their children's well-being in a safe aquatic environment!



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