Fight your fear of water with the Plouf !

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

 Sweet Chlowy reassured by the safety device of the French brand


For 5-year-old Doryce, his vocation was not really to be a little fish in the water.


She was dreading the aquatic environment, but there was no lack of desire to do a plouf . Swimming belt, armbands, buoys, all the accessories were used to make our young Doryce float. Clinging to the neck of her mother Chloé, it was important to find a solution to reassure her. 


This summer, she took to the water and conquered her fears. conquered her fears. At swimsuit Splash (landing link swimsuit) and the reassuring words of her mom, she made a lot of progress. While having fun, she learned to position her body horizontallyShe learned to position her body horizontally, on the surface of the water, to learn the correct swimming strokes, while remaining free to move. A aquatic awakening


Bravo Doryce! We are very proud of you! And congratulations also to her little sister Romy soon 3 years old who did very well! 


Thank you Chloe for sharing your story with us in a very caring and kind way. If you're looking for ideas for activities or recipes, Chloe aka Sweet.chlowy will inspire you!


And you, do your children like to go and have fun in the pool or in the sea? 

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