La Tribu des Idées and Plouf : Supporting children in their development

by Virgile Cachon on June 28, 2023

La Tribu des Idées goes beyond the boundaries of a simple magazine to become a true source of inspiration that feeds your creativity and frees your imagination.



Immerse yourself in a world of creative diversity, where the limits of artistic expression are constantly being pushed back.

Authenticity, kindness and relevance are the values that guide every page of Tribe of Ideas. This magazine embodies the voice of modern moms, understanding their needs and concerns. It accompanies you on your creative journey, finding the balance between your family responsibilities and your personal fulfillment.

The Tribe of Ideas also emphasizes the importance of creativity in all aspects of your daily life. Whether it's solving problems, stimulating innovation or simply adding an artistic touch to your routine, creativity is essential. Explore its pages rich in inspiring articles, practical tutorials and innovative ideas to nurture your creativity every day.

At Ploufwe share a passion for supporting parents and children's development. Our brand embodies the spirit of support and nurturing through our unique and innovative products . Plouf understands the challenges parents face and is committed to offering solutions that provide comfort, security and confidence, while promoting their children's development.

We firmly believe in the importance of creating products that accompany parents on their daily adventures with their children. Our floating swimwear are carefully designed to provide a safe and fun aquatic experience. Thanks to their special design, they allow children to float safely, while still having the freedom of movement they need to explore and have fun in the water.

Each stage of a child's development is crucial, which is why our products are adapted to different age groups and meet the specific needs of each child. From the discovery of first aquatic sensations to their first independent swimsPlouf accompanies children at every stage of their aquatic journey.

We are featured in the latest issue of La Tribu des IdéesWe're featured in the latest issue of La Tribu des Idées, giving parents and children the benefit of advice and resources from two ambassadors of family values and safety. Together, we're encouraging families to flourish and be happy, by offering creative and safe solutions.

Discover our floating bathing suits Plouf in the latest issue of La Tribu des Idées and be inspired by the combination of creativity, parental support and child development. We're proud to be part of a community that values family and safety.



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