The Plouf swimsuit and floating mattress validated by the star Julie Ricci

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023



Julie Ricci a caring and famous mother 



Thanks to our dearest mommy influencer, Capucine Ciné, Julie Ricci discovered our French innovation for budding swimmers!


Julie, mother of two little boys, made her first steps in reality TV. She was on the Top Model show presented by Adriana Karembeu and Secret Story presented by Benjamin Castaldi. Also a model for VIP models, she leads a hectic life, full of opportunities but also reserves a lot of time for her role as a mother. 


Thanks to the swimming vest PloufGianni and Giovann, her boys, were the stars of the pool this summer! 


Learn to move in the water with our safety device allowed the caring mother of to fully enjoy the joys of swimming with her family


They also loved the floating mattress Ploufour summer innovation. However, we had to fight to be able to enjoy it. Mom against the kids, the fight was won by her sons ... Note for later: buy several floating mattresses for the whole family!


We are delighted to have met him and to have been able to share so much happiness during the summer. 


See you next year boys! 

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