Family pool essentials with Plouf

by Virgile Cachon on June 15, 2023

Welcome to the blog of Plouf, the brand specializing in family bathing moments!



Ploufa family-run company based in Nice, has been in business for 23 years. Our focus is on safety, design and entertainment.

With quality products such as floating swimsuitthe 2 in 1 floating mattressand Anti-UV Tshirt and Anti-UV Shorts setsdiscover the experience shared by a mommy blogger "Mom to the bone". who tested Plouf products and revealed the essentials to take full advantage of the pool family.
Our range includes floating swimwear for children, as well as other products such as anti-UV sets, towels, goggles, bobsand even a floating mattress.

Our differentiation lies in our technology FibreAir integrated into our swimwear. Thanks to this technologyOur swimwear floats on the surface of the water, providing horizontal buoyancy. This feature enables children to stay afloat in the water horizontal position in the event of a fall, avoiding any risk of toppling over. Unlike other flotation methods, our swimsuits prevent the child from rising vertically like a plug. In this way, they promote the freedom movement and learning of the swimming.
Our floating swimsuits are recommended from 30 month and are perfect for accompanying children in the discovery water in complete safety, enabling them to acquire the necessary bases swimming. They also provide tranquility spirit to apprentice swimmers who still need to be reassured

But don't worry! If your little one isn't yet 30 months old or under 13kg, we offer a whole range of UV protection T-shirts andaccessories to accompany your child to the water's edge, so that he can have fun in complete safety until he's ready to put on his floating swimsuit Plouf ! Find out more about our tips in our article. Baby at the beach: Top 5 equipment to protect your child at the water's edge this summer

Find our wide selection of products on our website internetas well as in selected France and in Europe. Consult the list of sales outlets on our website to find the store nearest you.
"Mum to the end of her nails" has tested our products Plouf and has been conquered by their efficiency and design. She found that our swimsuits offered a perfect fit. optimal for kids in the water!

She also emphasized the importance of the security offered by our swimsuits. Thanks to them, her daughter was able to swim without getting tired, to move away from the shore and enjoy of the pool, while remaining under the sun. monitoring attentive of her mother. She also appreciated the comfort and sun protection offered by our anti-UV T-shirt and UV protection shorts.

"Mom to the bone". finally mentioned our 2-in-1 floating mattress, ideal for relax on the beach and in the water as a hammock. The Plouf mattress is ideal for enjoy and get pleasure this summer! 

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