Plouf! parents give their review : Anne, mother of Marin, 5 years old

by Virgile Cachon on October 16, 2023

Discover thereview of Anne, mother of Marin, 5 years old



During our various shoots, we were lucky enough to introduce the Mam's of Nice to our Plouf! anti-drowning swimsuit.

So we took advantage of having our cameras and some super moms volunteering to test and tell us their impressions of their first experience with the Plouf! float swimsuit.


Find thereview Anne, Marin's mother!

While her eldest daughter, who was only 3 or 4 years old at the time, was playing around the pool, she found herself using a buoy due to the lack of pierced armbands

The downside of all buoys was not being able to carry it throughout the swim

While playing, she misses her jump inside the buoy. The little girl who couldn't swim drowned, and the mother and the people around her were shocked and paralyzed by fear and panic. The little one stays for a few seconds and then his rescue saves him the nightmare of all parents. A few seconds that could have been fatal. Today, Anne is all the more vigilant when it comes to water safety for children.

But then, how did she live this first experience with the floating swimsuit Splash ?

The verdict?

After 2 hours of shooting during which she was able to see Marin, her youngest child, use the Plouf jersey, the result is irrevocable: it's validated!

His first words: Hyper practical. Marin jumped into the water on his own, swam, had fun and seemed both very comfortable and above all confident !

In the end, both Marin and Anne seem to have been seduced by the floating swimsuit Plouf ! Can't wait to use it this summer, and especially to recommend it!

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Plouf! It's beautiful! It's safe!

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