Plouf! parents give their review : Aurélie, mother of Luccio, 4 years old

by Virgile Cachon on October 16, 2023

Discover thereview ofAurélie, mother of Luccio, 4 years old.



During our various shoots, we were lucky enough to introduce the Mam's of Nice to our Plouf! anti-drowning swimsuit.

There's nothing like meeting the muses who inspire us every season! The Mam's of Nice are the super-moms we asked to test our products. And we asked them to review about their first experience with the Plouf! floating swimsuit.


Find out more atreview from Aurélie, Luccio's mom!

From the very first use, Aurélie and her little boy were won over! Luccio was very comfortable in the water, without having to hold on to his feet. Quite an achievement for a child who doesn 't yet know how to swim! Aurélie emphasizes the peace of mind provided by our anti-drowning swimsuitwhich allows parents to know that their children are safe both at the water's edge and in the water! Always under mom's watchful eye.

Seduced, Aurélie noticed that the Plouf floatation suit allowed Luccio to be completely free freedom of movement and flourish in the water. She's definitely ready to recommend the swimsuit to others!

Make the most of your summer in complete safety with Plouf floating swimwear!



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Plouf! It's beautiful! It's safe!

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