Plouf! parents give their review : Ivy's dad

by Virgile Cachon on October 16, 2023

Discover thereview of Ivy's 4-year-old dad


During our various shoots, we had the chance to introduce parents to our Plouf! anti-drowning swimsuit.

So we took advantage of having our cameras and some great parents on hand to ask them review about their first experience with the Plouf! Plouf! float swimsuit.


Find out more atreview about Ivy's dad!

Using the Plouf! anti-drowning swimsuit. For the past 4 months, Ivy's dad has been thrilled with this swimsuit that makes his daughter float! When asked, he couldn't even find a downside to the Plouf! floatation suit, pointing out that it's as easy and fun for kids to wear as a regular swimsuit.

A Parisian, he even recommended that Marseilles residents buy their children Plouf ! swimsuits to keep them safe by the pool or on the beach! 

Decidedly, Plouf! reunite everyone!



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Plouf! It's beautiful! It's safe!

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