Plouf! parents give their review : Orlane, mother of Nathan and Noé

by Virgile Cachon on October 16, 2023

 Discover thereview of Orlane, mother of Nathan and Noé



During our various shoots, we had the chance to introduce parents to our Plouf! anti-drowning swimsuit.

So we wanted to find out more about thereview Mam's from Nice that inspire us so much. The Plouf ! brand is based in Nice and has always worked closely with local mothers to improve its child safety products. This summer 2023, they are invited to test and share their first experience with the Plouf floating swimsuit.


Visitreview to find out more about Orlane, mother of Nathan and Noé!

Having experienced Plouf floatation suits Plouf!

Thanks to a friend, Orlane was already part of the Plouf Family before the shoot. This year, she is once again equipping Nathan and Noé, her boys, with Plouf floating swimsuits!

Scared by the depths, Nathan finds himself completely reassured by the use of the floating swimsuit Plouf! and now feels confident in the water! Orlane adds that, unlike most buoyancy aids, the Plouf swimsuit doesn't hurt the little ones, as there are no rubber parts to rub their skin. Another advantage of being non-inflatable!

In conclusion, both mother and children are happy and have been enjoying family outings around the water for the past 2 summers!



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Plouf! It's beautiful! It's safe!

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