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The story of Plouf told by Nice Matin

by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023

Plouf makes a lot of noise, thanks Nice Matin !

We had the opportunity to discuss our concept with Carine Wenger, journalist of the Eco pages of Nice-Matin. The history of the brand Plouf often surprises. An unlikely meeting with a rather remarkable destiny.
A French brand in constant evolution, since we decided 2 years ago to come and meet our public. Mainly moms, but also grandparents.

We are proud to see that all the work we have done over the past 2 years is bearing fruit and allowing us toreach our objectives, while bringing safety to children!

Today we are talking directly with our community. Committed people, who are looking for our concept of safety and learning that is the brand Plouf.

main value is to let the child express himself freely by encouraging him in each of his experiences, to allow him to grow up with confidence.

parents are confronted with safety concerns around swimming pools, at the seaside or any other water point.

How can I leave my child near water knowing he is safe?
I would like to let him have fun in the water independently (of course always under adult supervision)
I would like a product that is easy to use and I don't want to have to inflate anything
I want to move around lightly, especially when it's hot


But usually the children can't move with their floatation devices and we have to buy new ones often during the summer because they break or are forgotten.

That's why , children express themselves freely while being safe!
Our mission: Send those damn armbands to oblivion to let children free to move -in-the-bath-phygital-693009

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