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Our influencer Lyloo and her son Noam love Plouf floating swimsuits

by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023

"Everyday worries" made by Lyloo and our star Noam 




And yes! Our children can only start learning to swim at 5 years old ....

But who said we moms were going to throw in the towel! The solution is Plouf ❤️

Under different names, "Floating swimsuits" "Floating vests" "Buoyancy suits" "Floating suits" no matter, the principle of Plouf is clear and simple!

It floats! He learns to swim smoothly! It is free to move! It is anti-uv ! It is French and it is top for a safe summer!

We choose its size according to the weight of our child and hop! Here we go!

Have a good summer ❤️

In this photo, the floating vest model worn by Noam is the FLOATING MODELS model and 🎁 Take advantage of the coupon code MONPANIER5

Now it's your turn!

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