Child drowning: The story of a misadventure that underlines the importance of an anti-drowning device at the water's edge.

by Virgile Cachon on November 20, 2023

Anaelle, mother of 2 girls, experienced the fright of her life


Vigilance at all times is the mother of safety: a poignant testimonial that reminds us all that we shouldn't leave our little ones unattended around swimming pools! Bravo to Anaelle!

Once upon a time, it was a sunny day when Anaelle, mother of a baby and a 4-year-old girl, was watching her grown-up daughter playing in the pool. An unexpected episode occurred, reminding us all that vigilance is a strength we must redouble every moment!

His daughter and her friend, driven by curiosity, turned an ordinary afternoon into a lesson in mindfulness.

While Anaelle was looking after her youngest child, her eldest daughter's girlfriend set about introducing her playmate to the art of swimming. What could have been a simple swimming lesson took an unexpected turn when the underwater protection were removed, leaving the little girl defenseless in the water. She was wearing armbands, and the two little girls had no trouble removing them. Fortunately, Anaelle's vigilance prevented a tragedy. More frightened than hurt, she saved him from drowning before his horrified eyes. A very bad memory that reminds us of the need for our children to be vigilant at all times around swimming pools. 

Challenges are an integral part of parenthood, but it's in these moments that responsiveness, safety awareness and vigilance shine brightest. 

According to Anaelle, and after trying the floating swimsuit Plouf, this device could have helped her avoid this situation! In fact, the European safety standard for the Plouf swimsuit prevents children from being able to remove the device on their own. An allyIt combines style and safety, so that every dive is a source of pleasure and confidence for both child and parent. We can't stress this enough: always under the supervision of a competent adult.

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