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by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

A look back at Plouf 's international export strategy

Plouf ! wants to speed up the sale of swimwear, an article in the Journal des entreprises 

Plouf honored in Le Journal des Entreprises, we summarize everything!


2023, a year of ambition for Plouf !

 After a satisfying 2022, during which the Plouf team expanded, Sandy Niddam intends to propel the brand into 2023, the most ambitious year for Plouf after more than 20 years of existence. Here's a recap of our article in the Journal des Entreprises!

In fact, it is since the year 2000 that Plouf manufactures and distributes floating bathing suits. Initially an accident, the FibreAir discovered by Alain Belkadi has allowed Plouf to be born and to revolutionize the children's swimwear and theaquatic awakening. But it was in 2019 that the brand offered itself a rebirth thanks to digital and the arrival of Sandy Niddam at its head.


After going back to school and obtaining a "Master in digital 360", it was only logical that Sandy wanted to relaunch Plouf through digital media. This is how Plouf grew and became more and more known by the general public, breaking its own annual records since 2019. Arrived in 2023, Sandy Niddam and Plouf have an unthinkable goal until then: the international. The ambition and innovation of Nice are about to land on American soil to represent the Made in France.

On the agenda: new innovations and new, ever more ambitious markets!

 The latest innovation from Plouf is a lightweight, foldable sleeping bag the size of a laptop. Negotiations are underway for its distribution in outdoor sports stores.

But the flotation devices remains the brand's DNA, and it's the floating swimsuit that will be Plouf's standard-bearer on the American market, which looks "very promising". Following a successful trial of a digital campaign on Instagram, the United States proved to be an ambitious but attainable target for the French brand. The year 2023 will mark the plunge into the deep end for Plouf!

In Europe, although already present, Plouf intends to double its efforts and gain ground in order to settle comfortably in the minds of European parents and grandparents.

Security for all across borders and across the Atlantic, that's Plouf in 2023!

Read the article on the Journal des Entreprises website here




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