Plouf and Biba Mum: the same commitment to children and parents!

by Virgile Cachon on June 27, 2023

The perfect combination of comfort, safety and style, the Plouf swimsuit presented by BibaMum!

In its June-July 2023 issue, Biba Mum magazine features floating swimsuit Plouf ! in the ZigZagStyle section.

Biba Mum is :

- The solid reputation of a recognized and respected magazine among modern moms

- Values of authenticity, caring and relevance

- An understanding of moms' needs and concerns

- An expertise and diversity of subjects, offering a comprehensive view of moms' lives

-An inspiring guide to help moms find the balance between family responsibilities and personal fulfillment.

The Plouf! spirit is all about innovation!

The floating bathing suits and floating mattress guarantee a safe and fun aquatic experience.

Plouf ! is also about comfort and safety: Plouf products are designed to offer optimum comfort and enhanced safety, so that families can fully enjoy the water with complete peace of mind.

Plouf ! is about trendy style: Plouf ! floating bathing suits and accessories combine functionality and aesthetics, with modern, attractive designs for the whole family.

Plouf ! is about support and reassurance: Plouf is committed to helping families enjoy their time at the water's edge with products that provide confidence and peace of mind, so that parents can make the most of the present moment with their children.

Plouf ! and Biba Mum share a common vision of supportingPlouf ! is dedicated to providing parents with unforgettable moments with their children in the water, and to guaranteeing families' comfort, safety and confidence. Likewise, Biba Mum, the magazine of reference for modern families, offers practical advice and sound tips to help parents navigate with ease through the different stages of their children's lives. The two complement each other by providing invaluable resources for parents, accompanying them on their parenting journey with kindness and expertise. 💙

Find Plouf floating swimwear in the latest issue of Biba Mum



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