Protect your children with floating swimsuit Plouf

by Virgile Cachon on June 15, 2023

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Children's safety in the water is a major concern for parents, and it's essential to take all necessary measures to avoid drowning accidents, according to Guide Piscine.

That's why we're delighted to present the floating swimsuit Plouf, a revolutionary innovation that guarantees children's safety during their aquatic activities.

In this article, we'll explain in detail the unique features of our swimwear and its importance in preventing drowning.

Drowning prevention:

According to alarming statistics published by Guide Piscine in 2021, nearly 1,500 drownings were recorded in France between June 1 and September 30. These figures are very worrying, and underline the importance of making parents aware of preventive measures. At Ploufwe have taken the initiative of creating a floating swimsuit specially designed to prevent drowning accidents among children.

FibreAir® technology:

floating swimsuit Plouf is equipped with our exclusive FibreAir FibreAir®, which enables the child to float horizontally in complete safety. This unique feature ensures that the child is naturally positioned for swimming, with no restrictions on movement. Thanks to FibreAir®, parents can rest assured that their children will discover the water in complete safety.

Safety standards and partnership with the FFN:

We are proud to announce that the floating swimsuit Plouf has been awarded the following standards NF EN 13138-1a European standard established in 2001 concerning buoyancy and learning to swim. This official recognition attests to the quality and reliability of our product. What's more, we've established a partnership with the French Swimming Federation (FFN ), enabling their young pupils to benefit from the advantages of floating swimsuit Plouf.

Children's safety in water is a top priority, and floating swimsuit Plouf offers an innovative solution to prevent drowning accidents. With its FibreAir® technology and compliance with safety standards, our product has become a trusted choice for many parents concerned about their children's safety.



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