Watch our live interview with Elise, lifeguard at the St-François pool in Nice

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

Last month, the Plouf floating swimsuit was requisitioned for an aquatic literacy lesson at the Saint-François pool at Nice.

A real moment of learning in complete safety for more serenity for the children but also for the parents!

Usually the lessons are practiced with a fry and a swimming belt. This time the children and the teacher were delighted to discover that with the floating swimsuits Plouf only 1 accessory is necessary. Let's not talk about comfort and ease of movement! Even the most fearful felt reassured to dive into the big bath!

We were able to interview Elise, lifeguard in this pool and mother-to-be.

Our presenter Flora Desbrosses took the opportunity to develop her questions around the subjects of learning to swim.

✅ What is a first time swimming class?

✅ How do I choose a learn-to-swim device based on my child's age?

✅ Why are you a fan of Plouf's floating swimsuit?


A very enriching exchange, to discover on our #ploufTV by clicking just below:



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