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Watch our live interview with Elise, lifeguard at the St-François pool in Nice

by Charles Pfoss on January 27, 2023

Last month, the floating bathing suit Plouf was requisitioned for a lesson of aquatic ease at the Saint-François pool in Nice.

Usually the lessons are practiced with a fry and a swimming belt. This time the children and the teacher were delighted to discover that with the floating swimsuits Plouf only 1 accessory is necessary. Let's not talk about comfort and ease of movement! Even the most fearful felt reassured to dive into the big bath!

A real moment of learning in complete safety for more serenity for the children but also for the parents!

We were able to interview Elise, lifeguard in this pool and mother-to-be.

Our presenter Flora Desbrosses took the opportunity to develop her questions around the topics of learning to swim.

✅ What is a first time swimming class?

✅ How do I choose a learn-to-swim device based on my child's age?

✅ Why do you adhere to our floating swimsuit Plouf ?


A very enriching exchange, to discover on our #ploufTV by clicking just below:


Plouf it's beautiful, for sure! Even in a life skills class!


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