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by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

A revolution from France: The floating swimsuit for Enfant Plouf

It's an innovation that was launched 21 years ago. Yes, it's had time to prove itself, with over 600,000 parents testing our float suit. 


First of all, the 13 138-1 standard, which is called a buoyancy aid for learning to swim 

Indeed, by using Plouf, the immersion of the child is more important than with any other floating accessories, and the flotation cannot be done without the stimulation of the motor skills of arms and legs, as well as the air naturally present in the lungs.

It is this combination of facts that allows the method Plouf to help the child to approach the different levels necessary for aquatic fluency

The child swims in safety with the floating vest Plouf because it floats independently, which makes it comfortable in the water.


Then there's the practicality of the Plouf floatation suit for everyday use.

Easy to use. Slip on, zip up, and go! Nothing to inflate! 

It's a 2-in-1: swimsuit AND floater. As much as to say that the logistics of the parents lighten.

The promise of Ploufis to enable children to play and develop in safety. That's why floating swimsuit Plouf can be worn all day long and lets you move as you please.


A drowning prevention tool

We have been made aware of the drowning prevention and aquatic fluency campaign launched by the Ministry of Sport. Whether the child does not know how to swim or is in the process of learning, Plouf prevents against the risk of drowning.

The 13138-1 standard for buoyancy and learning aids is the guarantee of this

Accidental drowning accounts for 1,000 deaths a year. That's why, at any age and whatever your ability to " know how to swim ", we recommend the use of the Plouf floatation suit as a preventive tool.

The major steps in acquiring aquatic fluency:

  • Level 1: enter the water alone, move in complete immersion (head under water) and exit the water alone.
  • Level 2: Jump or fall into the water, let yourself rise, float in different ways, return to the shore and get out alone.
  • Level 3: Enter the water by the head, come up to the surface, walk 10 m in a prone position with the head submerged, float on the back with the pelvis on the surface.


Wearing Plouf all day near water combines preventive safety and learning while being comfortable. The aquatic ease is the phase which, once acquired, guarantees a fast learning of the swimming.



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