Girl's floating swimsuit : Rosy Plouf
Girl's floating swimsuit : Rosy Plouf
Girl's floating swimsuit : Rosy Plouf
Girl's floating swimsuit : Rosy Plouf
Girl's floating swimsuit : Rosy Plouf
Girl's floating swimsuit : Rosy Plouf

Girl's floating swimsuit : Rosy

Size guide
Use only under the supervision of a competent adult. Not suitable for children under 30 months of age.

Floating swimsuit for kids

Secure floatation suit anti-drowning

swimsuit buoy for little girl

Thelearning of swimming of your child will be done in all safety with this floating swimsuit Plouf combining design and technique !

Whatever the fall of the child into the water, your daughter willautomatically rise to the surface in a horizontal position. Unlike a swimsuit float or a classic swimsuit buoy which keep the child out of the water but in a vertical position ("cork" effect).

Easy to use with its front slide with security.

Your child is autonomous and free to move, with no accessories to get in the way.

The child floats and learns to appreciate the water to serenely approach the beginnings of swimming.

Children and parents alike are reassured and have a 100% safe summer.

Composition: 80% Polyamide - 20% Elastane - 100% FibreAir®.

  • FibreAir® contains 97% air inside its particles
  • Incredible buoyancy, the FibreAir® is inserted inside the swimsuit
  • Comfortable, its ergonomic design follows the movements of the child's body
  • Inserted in layers according to weight, FibreAir® is not visible
  • 250 g of FibreAir® floats a body weight of 130 kg

    Learn more about FibreAir®

    Complies with European standard NE-131381: 2014 .

    Meets the designation "buoyancy aid" by the examination certificate n°0501/66MB/261201/52.

    Find all the technical specifications in our manuals.

    The "Plouf" floating swimsuits will reassure everyone, children and parents alike.

    The little ones because these swimsuits, designed for children from 13kgs to 24kgs, help children to enjoy the water and learn to swim.

    And parents because these clothes considerably reduce the risk of accidents and drowning. 

    Its secret lies in the use of a revolutionary fiber composed of 97% air distributed throughout the upper part of the child's body, which ensures great buoyancy.

    In the event of an unexpected fall into the water, Plouf allows the child to automatically return to the surface in a horizontal position and with his head out of the water, without risk of tipping over.

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