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Plouf and its merchants

What if Plouf made you discover his partners from Nice ?

Plouf, French brand and innovation, was born as you know in Nice.

We radiate today in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Many of you have discovered our innovations and congratulate us for their practicality and their comfort. That's why we wanted to make you discover some of our partners, niçois also, dear to our heart. Our French merchants have a know-how and values! They bathe in the world of Plouf by bringing their touch of security and or comfort, follow the guide...

Vision moderne Nice, is an optician from Nice, graduated from l'école ISO Paris.

She opened herown optical storein 2006. Shespecializes in sunglasses, sports and eyewear.

To satisfy adults and children. And she herself works at developing designer brands. As much to say that she overflows of talents, creativity and vitamins !!! A pure niçoise who invites you to discover her multi-brand sunglasses collection, each week she will share with you her latest discoveries and ideas for protection for your children. Nothing beats a professional optician toprotect your eyes.


PloufThe company is also present in large distributors and chains.

On vacation and no time to order your swimsuit online?

Find Plouf! near you! Intersport, Center Parcs, GO Sport, and more than 100 local retailers located in Europe and in the DOM TOM.

Find all our resellers here.

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Plouf ! is also part of the French Tech Côte d'Azur network. Cock-a-doodle-doo! 


Plouf ! is part of the French Tech Côte d'Azur