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Plouf swimsuits are great
Our 18-month-old is autonomous in the water and loves it.
We do too, because they are safer and help us to swim, and we're not afraid of the water.

Floating swimsuit

This swimsuit is extraordinary. My little girl is about to turn two and immediately understood how to find her balance in the water. It's very reassuring and motivating for learning.


Super floating swimsuit, perfect for learning to swim!

The floating mattress
Bianca serge fries Hoffmann
Super mattress

Great mattress, just delivery is not to the desired address

At the top

I'm very satisfied with my purchases!

My daughter enjoyed swimming to her heart's content!

I love it! My fearful daughter was able to wade in the pool all summer long. Super comfortable and easy to dry.


I bought this swimsuit bathing suit for my daughter so that she would be more comfortable in her movements when swimming. Her arms are free and she can move more easily. Unfortunately, it didn't reassure her any more and she was still a bit scared in the water with it on. Maybe it'll be better next year.
The only drawback is that it's still difficult to put on and take off (especially during potty breaks).


The carrying backpack is perfect! I'm glad I took it ;-) It's really waterproof. It fits very well on my back and I even forgot I had it on at one point. It dries very quickly. In short, it's perfect!

Girl's floating swimsuit : Flamingo
Maud Dubreuil Chambardel

This is the third product I've bought and it's reassuring when the kids go swimming. They're on their own in the water, under supervision of course, but they're happy.


Very practical for this summer!

Boy's swimsuit

Very effective product


Super our son can even jump on his own under supervision of course at 3 and a half I recommend a thousand times

Ideal for my daughter

Bought to replace my 2 1/2 year old daughter's bras. They're perfect. My daughter enjoys the pool and is free to move, especially her arms, and is learning to swim efficiently.
I'd recommend it!

Great idea for learning to swim independently

Our son has gained confidence thanks to this float suit plouf, he swims on his own without the help of his parents (we stay close by).
It really helped him get to grips with the water this summer.
Very satisfied with this purchase.

Transparent sunglasses for kids

Impeccable 👌

swimsuit ideal for learning to swim. The little one won't stop swimming Top.

Great product!

Our 4-year-old son is making rapid progress and feels much better in the water.

swimsuit 19-21kg

Very attractive and effective, my son feels like a fish in water and can swim in complete safety.
The only downside is that the fabric quickly wears out (from the first use), so we'll have to wait and see how it holds up over time...


It's a vest that guarantees the child's safety while allowing total freedom of movement. With this vest my son is confident, trying to swim, jump underwater, etc.


Perfect for the pool. My 3-year-old son had his movements pounds and had a blast with this floating swimsuit .


Thank you so much! My son swims by himself, I love it, it lifts him up really well.


Perfect for learning to swim

Very satisfied

Thank you, Maëleen is delighted, she has freedom of movement and her size is very good. floating swimsuit was recommended to me by Christophe Beaugrand. Thank you

This swimsuit has changed my life and my vacations! My 4-year-old son is free to move around, unlike the other systems I tested before, and he floats perfectly! He's autonomous in the water, even if I stay close by.
One small drawback: a seam in the trousers failed on first use, so sand got through between the two layers of swimsuit. (Otherwise, everything is perfect in terms of fastening, materials, etc.).

Very cute and swimsuit with integrated floats

Very nice and secure swimsuit with its integrated floats lifeguards congratulated me on buying this product for my daughter Chanel